Monday, October 8, 2012

Babywearing - Cell Phone Edition

In honor of International Babywearing Week I went through the photographs on my phone and pulled out the babywearing ones. It was fun to look back at all the different things I was able to do while wearing Elsa. I've pulled favorites before for her Alphabitty Moments book as I used Babywearing for the letter "B" page.

I printed Elsa's baby book in time for her rainbow party in July so I found some new ones on my phone that were taken since then. (sorry for the reverse order)

 Naptime on our boardwalk. September 2012

 Sibley County Fair

Witching Hour

Love the Ergo!

Didn't love the fish.

I bought the Ergo specifically for the easy of a back carry, but it's not as comfortable as I had hoped. Elsa liked it though. (I do LOVE the front carry with the Ergo.)

I wore in the Ergo when we went out to collect maple sap in March.

Saint Patrick's Day 2012

Winter hike.

Did you know that slings and wraps are great for putting together costumes?  Sam is wearing my purple Sakura Bloom ring sling and Julia is wearing my Sleepy Wrap for Bible Character night at Awanas

Nap time!

I'm not the only one who loves babywearing in our house. She started young.

 Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America.

An evening snooze that reminded me a lot of these two photos.  Can you tell who's who?

Fall 2011 walk in the Kozy.

Steamboat Days Parade, September 2011

Errands are so much easier with a sling!

Walking on the new Dakota Rail Line trail.

FIRST time in the Sleep Wrap  at 3 days old. We took a walk in our campground when we got home from the hospital. I quickly learned to tie the wrap much tighter.
And just like that 14 months of babywearing is history! This has been a good reminder to use my carriers more - this special stage of childhood is going to be over before I know it! Did you babywear this past year? What is your favorite carrier?

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  1. Looove these! I think this is my first year in a very long time that I did not do any babywearing!



  2. Isn't every outing with a baby easier babywearing? Greatest thing ever. And you have some ADORABLE babies :-)


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