Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alphabitty Moments - The letter J

I REALLY struggled with the letter 'J' this time. I could not come up with a word to fit the theme of Alphabitty Moments (If you are new here click on the A.M. label on the right hand side for details on what exactly an Alphabitty Moment really is.) Then it hit me square between the eyes. All those photos I was scrolling through on my phone of Elsa laughing and enjoying the simplest things was exactly what I want to capture with this project. So rather than honing in on a specific activity or habit of hers I backed up and looked at the bigger picture.

Being a toddler is all about finding JOY in the little things.

Little things that bring Elsa joy right now include:
Peanut butter smeared on an apple slice
Daddy chasing her across the room
Sam pulling her on a blanket
Watching Penny pop bubbles
Singing Slippery Fish with Mommy
Seeing Josie and Amelia when we walk into church
Hearing Julia walk into the house after school
Being out of the stroller at the mall
Riding down the hill in a sled with Sam
Throwing her pacifier across the room


Hugging every.single. stuffed animal at Target 

J is for Joy and boy is she full of it!!!!

What Alphabitty Moment do you want to remember this week?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alphabitty Moments - the letter i

Sorry for posting this week's Alphabitty Moment so late. We are entering that time of year where the three jobs we do collide with a different version of each of those jobs. Vague I know, but let's just say that I've got two computers running at the same time while I listen to a video on Maple Syruping and search Pinterest on my phone in the downtime between page loads to find one last MorningMischief program for our Saturday programs in the park. It will all be worth it come mid May when my entire camping season is all laid out for me and I get to do the fun part of programming - the programs themselves, the kids will be wrapping up school & I will be putting the finishing touches on the last blog books before I take the summer off, and PapaBear will be working much closer to home. It will be worth it. I just keep telling myself that. :)

Anyway, on to the 'i' word for this week:  I is for "In The Air".  I had to dig through the files on my external harddrive to find this one because as nice as the camera phone is, it can't handle an action shot like this. Hoisting almost 30 pounds up in the air is hard enough so I can see moments like these becoming distant memories before too long. Elsa loves doing this. It doesn't matter if we let go, and actually we don't all that often. It's more of the swinging part that makes her giggle with glee - especially if we are dancing to a children's CD in the living room.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alphabitty Moments - The Letter H

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments! I love the accountability to come here every Thursday and record at least one little moment from Elsa's 2nd year for her photobook collection. I take a LOT of pictures but often times I struggle to not skip over the less than perfect ones when it's time to put together albums. Using Instagram for this year's book has been a good exercise in focusing on what matters - capturing those precious moments before they are gone.

I chose H is for Holding Hands this week because as busy and independant as Elsa is I don't know how long she's going to be willing to hold someone's hand and go where THEY want to go.

This particular photo is special to me because it was the longest time she's ever held someone's hand and the sight of my oldest and youngest together like this made my heart skip a beat. It was so touching the way Sam slowed down to her pace.

I am so grateful for the tenderness both Sam and Julia have for Elsa. It is one of the most beautiful things I get to experience as a mom. Their attitude may change as they get older but I pray it doesn't and just in case, I have this image in my heart.

What Alphabitty Moment do you want to remember this week? Leave a link in the comments and/or use the hashtag #AlphabittyMoments on Instagram (I'm 4MamaBear). There aren't any rules for which letter you start with or share a link to...just have fun with it!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Journal

It's time to dump another month of phone pics into a blog post for later use in my 2013 blog book. (Click here for a more detailed explanation of what this entails.) What it boils down to is this: I have finally figured out a way to document daily life without getting behind or leaving huge gaps in the memories we record here.

February was a blur so I'm very glad I have a short journal entry in my planner for each of the 28 days. I also kept up with my New Year's Goals with the exception of 1 day of working out and 1 day of picking up the main living areas. It is safe to say that these new routines are a habit now and for that I am very grateful!

Now to set free  50+ cell phone pictures before they get buried and lost forever....
Other than the cropping and filters from Instagram they are straight out of the camera. I will use a grid layout in Booksmart like the 1st spread in this post to make the entire collection uniform. It will also give me a quick and easy way to crop the photos that didn't make the Instagram cut.

It has been so fun to look back at all the things we've experienced each month even if the quality of the photos isn't perfect. Considering it is winter in BearCountry we have managed to keep ourselves plenty busy. Before we know it we'll be swimming in the lake!

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