Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alphabitty Moments - The Baby Book Edition

While this isn't my first Alphabitty Moments book, it IS the first time I've used my "little things" concept for a baby book. I am so pleased with how cohesive it is and that I was able to get almost 300 photographs in an 80 page book. It was very important to me that I stayed true to the theme of Alphabitty Moments but at the same time cover as much of Elsa's first year as I could.

One way I incorporated extra photographs & text in was to add a summary of her first year near the beginning of the book.

A rainbow theme runs through the entire book as a nod to the theme for her 1st birthday party (which is also her golden birthday).

Do you make a baby book for your children? The traditional handwritten ones or do you do a digital version? I'd love to hear from you! I have (mostly empty) traditional baby books for my older two children. Sigh.... If only I'd thought of Alphabitty Moments years ago!  It is so easy to have a list on your refrigerator of every letter in the alphabet so when a 'moment' comes to mind you can make a note of it then be sure to snap a photograph before the moment is gone. 

       Don't let milestones overshadow the fleeting moments that make up childhood,
                                for it's the ordinary moments of every day life
                     that define childhood & become our most treasured memories.

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  1. You have amazing talent. I love it! Did you create it with some other program then upload to blurb?

  2. This is the best book I've ever seen. I absolutely love it! Almost makes me want to have a baby!

    Very beautiful Carrie. I just love all the pictures and how you presented them.

    Great job! She is so going to love this book when she's older.

    I have somewhat empty baby books. I have a lot of photos and might just have to make up something like this. Much more interesting!


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