Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pregnancy - By the numbers

2 - the number of tests I took the day I found out I was pregnant
1 - the number of swear words I said when I saw two lines (the same one I said the first 2 times - Holy _ _ _ _ !)
5 - the number of times I've peed in a cup to date
10 - the day in July my due date was calculated at first
6.5 - the number of weeks I was when I went in for IV's
4 - the number of medications I'm on
2 - the number of medications we've already given up on
23.8 - the number of hours I spend in bed
.001 - the amount of time it takes for me to feel like throwing up just from sitting up
1 - the number of ultrasounds I've had
28 - the number of nightmares I've had
1 - the number of good dreams I've had
20 - the number of hours I spend trying to sleep away the pain
5 - my new July due date making me...
8 - the number of weeks pregnant I am right now (+5 days)
5 - the number of pounds I've lost
219 - the number of days until we meet the one who is worth it all!

I thought a by the numbers post would be a good way of documenting my pregnancy so far. I'm not looking for sympathy - in fact, this pregnancy is easier than my last.

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