Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bible Character Night At Awanas

Sam knew right away that he wanted to be a wise man for Bible Character night so besides whipping up one of these, I needed to come up with some royal clothes for him to wear. When I think of 'royal' I think of purple so my mind automatically went to my Sukura Bloom linen sling. I draped it over one of my bathrobes which worked really well to cover the bulk in the middle (the result of shortening the robe to fit a seven year old). Add a crown and a bag of foreign coins from my my trips across two continents and wa-lah! A wise man costume that didn't cost a penny.

Julia didn't know what she wanted to be so I suggested she look through her Bible until she found a girl character. I giggled when she suggested Eve. The irony of finding a costume for a woman who was naked in the garden of Eden was lost on her. But then I got creative....if she carried an apple with a bite out of it, then she could wear a fig leaf costume!  So that's what we made.  She put on three different green shirts, I wrapped her in my Sleepy Wrap and tucked strands of felt leaves I'd strung onto fishing line around her. All that was missing was the serpent but that wasn't a big deal considering how much my kids love snakes. Another free costume and two happy kiddos!

What Bible character do your kids like to dress up as?
Do you every use your baby carriers/wraps for something other than babywearing?

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  1. I have never gotten quite that creative with my babywearing stuff! I have used my slings as nursing coverups and impromptu blankets at times. CUTE costumes!


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