Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A worthwile cause

Bloggers get requests all the time from companies and causes, but those requests don't always align with a bloggers beliefs and (hopefully) don't make it beyond a polite, "Thanks, but no thanks" email reply. So when I got an email from a group of engineers from the University PapaBear attended I was happy to see that their cause was one I COULD support. I was a nursing working mother who was lucky enough to have a private place I could pump and my heart goes out to the moms out there who don't have that luxury.

That is why I am sharing some links to the project a group of student engineers came up with called LacPods. The idea is to create a mobile oasis for pumping mothers at the University of Minnesota so lactating women can have comfortable, secure, and readily available lactation spaces.

They are currently undergoing the design process to produce a fully-functional prototype for the university by May 2016.   You can support their project here: and stay updated on the progress by visiting the website at"

If you want to connect with the design team you can find them in the following places:




Are/Were you a nursing working mother? Did you have a private place to pump? I'd love to hear your story!


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