Thursday, June 30, 2011

5 more tomorrows

We're down to single digits until BabyBear is suppose to arrive!I go back and forth between being content wiith the wait and hurry up and get here! My body hasn't changed in preparation for delivery since she started checking me three weeks ago. We had tossed around the idea of induction so my doc could be there (downside of being due the day after a holiday) but with only being a one and 25% it's not going to happen.

The kids have a parade they ride in on Saturday so hopefully we'll be able to make that happen. I'd rather go late and let them participate than mess up their excitement about their decorated bikes.

I'm measuring between 36 and 37 weeks and only gained 2 ounces in a week so things are winding down. I only have a couple shirts that are comfortable and sleep...well that hasn't been comfortable in a long while. Yesterday I developed a migraine which would have been even more scary if I hadn't experienced the symptoms before.

Blurred vision
Slurred speech
Numb left hand

Scary stuff, but it's happened in both my previous third trimesters The silver lining is that all I need is one little Tylenol and I'm good to go. Being home alone with the kids and not being able to see is a bit frightening, but I acted quickly and called the clinic before I couldn't see the screen on my phone anymore.

By the afternoon I was totally fine and we went about our day...splashing in the kiddie pool, hunting for caterpillars, watering the garden,swinging in the hammock, drinking homemade slushies*, eating dinner, enjoying fresh picked strawberries on our porch, snuggling kittensm cooking nector for our hummingbird feeder, and going to Sam's Tball game.

Today we went to Speech, the kids are running around Castle Park, and I plan to pack up our swim bag and float the afternoon away in the city pool.

What do you have planned for the day/holiday weekend?

*slushies - 2 cups ice, 1/2 cup fruit juice, blended on "grate" there's no chance I'm going to get dehydrated with three or four of these in my system by 7pm!

Monday, June 20, 2011


We knew our cat, Alice, was probably pregnant and we knew there was a chance her babies could be born before BabyBear, but HOW they were born....well. That's one story I couldn't have predicted if I tried!

Last night we spent a half hour reading books in my bed while Ali snuggled up to Julia. It was the perfect way to end a stressful evening of park duties.  When PapaBear got home from the office the kids crawled into their own beds and I curled up in bed to watch a little Netflix.  Julia had taken a really long afternoon nap so I wasn't hopeful that she'd fall asleep anytime soon, but my hope was that having Ali in bed with her would at least keep her in her room. My little plan was working like a charm when I heard Ali meow really loud. I expected Julia to cry out in pain from being scratched the next second but instead it was Ali I heard cry out again. I jumped up (as fast as a 38 week pregnant woman can) and went across the hall to investigate.

I arrived just in time to see a kitten being born. Right there in Julia's bed. With no warning other than the loud meow a few seconds earlier. Julia went running to tell Sam and Daddy while I watched Ali do what mama kitty's do after they give birth. I'll spare you the details. Google it if you really want to know. Then it was time for action. We grabbed towels, plastic bags, paper towel, and a Target bag. Anything and everything to protect the remaining clean portions of Julia's bed.  At 8:10pm, fifteen minutes after the first kitten was born, a second one arrived. Ali didn't seem to mind the attention and went about her business. We watched in wonder and amazement for another twenty minutes then went to work putting together a kitten nursery.

Ali wasn't excited about me moving the kittens but it was way past bedtime and two surprise births in one night was enough for one little girl's bed!  The kids went to bed having already named their kittens, Sassy and Sugar. Julia was still awake when the third one was born about an hour later.  I wasn't there to witness that birth, but I did see the fourth and final kitten's birth at about 10:30. It was fun to hear the surprise in Sam's voice when he looked into the box this morning and said, "It looks like there are FOUR!"

I think they all have white paws and white bellies like their mama. Two are tiger striped, one is grey striped, and the baby of the bunch is mostly black except for its white markings.

We have our hands full now!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Hair Cut Reveal

Yesterday we had 10 inches of Julia's hair cut off. And then it rained three inches so we couldn't go outside for any 'after' pictures. Today, the sun is shining again so I snapped a few photographs of the the results. First I want to document the transformation.

After her very last bath with long hair. 

The wiggle worm getting ready for the big cut.

No looking back now! Check out the big grin on her face - she has no fear!

Once the ponytail was cut off then another inch came off during the shaping of the cut.

I don't think this photo does the cut justice, but I promised her I'd only take a couple of pics and then we could have lunch.

Here is the shape of the cut from the back after she sat with her head against a chair for part of the morning...

And the very best part - healthy, easy to comb, springy CURLS!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cutting the curls

I hesitate to write this post tonight since I don't have after pictures to share, but I have some time to myself at the moment so I'm going to at least give you the written version of The.Hair.Cut.

We did it. We had Julia's curls cut today...for the first time ever. She's over four and a half. It was time. Not just a trim. A full blown, cut 10 inches off, hair cut. We have the ponytail sitting in her room to prove it. She was excited more than nervous. Wiggly more than stationary. And more adorable than I could have imagined.

I took her in with freshly conditioned and combed hair so the stylist didn't have to offer to wash it. (remember, we don't use shampo and haven't for over a year) She wet it, put leave in conditioner in, and combed it out one last time. The leave in conditioner was pretty sticky and weighed her hair down so much that I didn't take any good 'after' pictures yet (but you can see an 'in progress' picture on Twitter).

I knew when it she was done shaping the back that we'd done the right thing. Nobody got emotional - I was too busy trying to get her to hold still! It looked so cute and it was still wet! As we wandered the baby section of Macy's (still don't have a going home from the hospital outfit yet) I kept glancing at her hair to see what it was doing as it dried. What a relief that she still has her curls!! They are much darker now that all the sun bleached parts have been cut off, but is it cute!

We went to the beach when we got home and it was wonderful to not have her hair get tangled in her life jacket or make her cold when it was time to get out! I rinsed out that sticky conditioner and used our normal Say Yes To Cucumber conditioner (but WAY less than I used to!) and in 20 seconds her hair was combed through. The kids were busy playing and didn't even notice when I finished combing. You should have seen Julia's face when I told her I was already done combing her hair! Her expression was priceless! No more 20-30 minutes of sitting in the tub while I tug on her hair. 20 seconds of combing and we'll be done! My back is already thanking me and I think life with the new baby will be much easier if we don't have to set aside 30 minutes just so Julia's hair can look decent.

I promise to post pictures just as soon as I can! It's dark and rainy now so it will be tomorrow before I can take any. They'll be worth the wait. I promise!

Monday, June 6, 2011

MamaBear Maternity Shoot

Compliments of BrotherBear (age 6 1/2)

and SisterBear (age 4 1/2)

Click on the images to see them up close. The belly? Well that is plenty big at this size, but the expressions on the kids' faces are worth a closer look.

I was waiting for a night when the park wasn't too busy and the light was right. Last night was that night so we spent about 20 minutes trying different spots near our backyard. The kids LOVED being in charge of the camera! Julia kept asking me how many fingers she was holding up. I kept asking her to keep two hands on my camera!

My camera survived and they both did such a great job don't you think?

Friday, June 3, 2011

nesting vs. resting

With about 32 days to go I'm finding myself in a conundrum. My brain thinks about the list of 30+
things I want/need to accomplish before BabyBear is born, but my body isn't getting the message. I'm needing a nap at 9am for Pete's sake! At least I'm off of bedrest so when I do get a burst of energy I can tackle a project or two. Julia loves a good project so I have a great helper by my side. (Less bending for me!)

Today is Sam's last day of kindergarten and I think we'll celebrate with an ice cream cone from McDonalds. We'll be busy with park duties much of the weekend so I want to make our free time as special as we can. Luckily 'special' to them is getting out the slip-n-slide or turning on the sprinkler. My kids LOVE the water and don't mind that the lake is freezing still. On Memorial Day we took them down to the beech for the first time and they jumped right in despite 30mph windsthat made for some pretty big waves. They had life jackets on (yes, I'm that mom) and were having a blast ridong the waves into shore. Sam was even brave enough to float on his back for a bit....a HUGE accomplishment for him!

At the moment Julia is cooling off in the kiddie pool while I blog on my phone. I should pull grass from the garden (tons of seeds in the bales this year!) but it's pushing 90 and thumbing out a blog post is about as much work as I can muster right now. I DID hang curtains in the nursury, wash a load of clothes, hang the old curtains from the office in our room, wash dishes, and clean off the dining room table so I don't feel too fact I feel pretty good (other than being tired). I'm loving being a homemaker again and having my husband come home to a clean(ish) house. I have a few more park programs to iron out before the baby comes but I hope to wrap those up tonight while I work in the office.

I guess those weeds aren't going to pull themslves so I better get to it!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Beginner Knit Hat Pattern

I've been asked so many times if there is a pattern for the hats I make,  but I was too busy filling Christmas orders...