Thursday, January 23, 2014

A toddler Valentine's card

Elsa & I made play dough this morning and as I was rolling it between my fingers inspiration struck me. It might have had something to do with the Frozen soundtrack playing in the background or the Frozen soundtrack that's been playing in my head for two weeks. Either way, an idea was born....

Why not make more play dough and share it with Elsa's classmates as part of her valentines? I bet moms would love to sample this new idea that's been floating around on Facebook and Pinterest for play dough made out of hair conditioner and corn starch!

So I grabbed a black backdrop, hung it over the front of our fridge, stuck Elsa in a red shirt, and snapped away as she played with a snowman. We tend to use photocards as our valentines to make them personal and affordable. My go-to photo processor is Walgreens, but if I need envelopes with them I get them at Sam's Club. We chose 4x6 size so I can get those easily enough at Walgreens and this whole project will only cost 20 cents per child.

I don't have many extra fonts so this is a good as it gets for us using Picsasa to make the collage, photoshop elements to make the color blocks and move some of the text, and to add a heart.  I'll punch a hole in the corner and tie a red ribbon around a little bag with three balls of play dough in it so Elsa's friends can build a snowman too.

I included the recipe for what I call 'play snow' at the bottom of the card so parents know how to make their own batch. You can add food coloring, but I'd prefer the white even if we weren't making snowmen. I love the feeling of the play dough and because it was lavender scented conditioner it smells good too! I'm so glad I didn't toss out that expensive bottle of conditioner that didn't work on Julia's hair! We have enough to make 3-4 batches of playdough that is equal to almost 8 cups!
Sam and Julia have done some fun photocards over the years... This is the first year Elsa has given out valentines to classmates - usually I just do a photoshoot for fun. Who could resist this cherub?
Our go to teacher valentine is this idea that is a big hit. The only bad part is that with two teachers and 24 mini muffins in a box, we don't get to sample any. :(

On a side note, people can get kinda up in arms about going 'all out' for holidays and bashing people who do anything other than the boxed valentines from school, which is a whole other post in and of itself! But you want to know a secret? THESE ARE EASIER! No signing, perforating, folding, sticking of stickers.    Print, punch, bag, tie and go! 
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