Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

March Journal Entry

It's time for another monthly phone photo dump! It would be easy to get mad at myself for not ever posting pictures from my big camera but instead I'm going to choose to be happy that I'm at least doing something to record our daily happenings for our blog book. I've kept up with my daily journaling and I know that it is going to be instrumental to have those photos and the notes I've been taking when I want to pull 'real' photos later on.

New Year's goals have slipped a little - The house hasn't been as picked up as I would like and while the laundry get's washed & folded, it doesn't always make it into the closets in a timely manner. I'm waking up at 5:15/5:30 every day to work out so hopefully I'll be able to fit in my summer wardrobe again, that is if summer ever gets here. This has been the worst spring ever. I think we've hit 50 degrees twice in the last month. Soccer has been delayed two weeks and 7 inches of snow fell last Thursday so all the melting progress was lost.

March was a busy month due to Easter and Spring Break. I'll be blogging more about that in the days to come because I just HAVE to share the great experience we had at The Rad Zoo in Owatonna.  Until then, here are a whole slew of photos in no particular order (thank you stupid Droid Razr for not being consistent in where you store photos so I can't pull them out chronologically) *sigh*

Beginner Knit Hat Pattern

I've been asked so many times if there is a pattern for the hats I make,  but I was too busy filling Christmas orders...