Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

 The day Julia has been waiting for FINALLY arrived. August 28th, 2012. Ever since we dropped her big brother, Sam, off at kindergarten two years ago she's been itching to go.

Sam is a pro at this first day of school business. He has loved school from the beginning. Preschool seems like forever ago. Look how little he looked and so handsome the next year!

I love being able to compare their heights against the big rock by our office. I suppose it would only be fitting to do some senior portraits on the rock some day....some day far far far from now.

 I found these chalkboards at a garage sale the week before school started with the intent of using them to play school, but they ended up being perfect for the first day of school shots. 
 (Elsa's reads: First day with just Mama)

As you can see, Julia is right at home at school.
 The first day she didn't get to stay very long and she had to have boring ol' mom along.
 We did some orientation stuff...
She is one of five girls in the class which should be interesting! 

After the first REAL day I asked her how she liked school and she said, "It was better than when we visited in preschool!" Then the next day when I dropped her off in the morning she asked if she got to stay even longer. Oh that girl. She loooooves school! No doubt about it!

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