Wednesday, September 21, 2011

first days of school

Sam started first grade after Labor Day and loves it. His teacher is so kind and loving. His class size is 14 - up one from last year. 10 girls, 4 boys. He brings home great progress reports and since he's such an early riser it's not a big deal to get up and ready in the morning. He's picky about what clothes he wears but I'm trying to be more relaxed about it and let him pick as long as it's seasonally appropriate which around here means shorts one day and jackets another.  I love hearing him read to me from his reading textbook.

He loves to learn, but if you ask him what his favorite part of the day I bet you can guess what he says - LUNCH!

Julia started her final year of preschool and is quickly falling into the routine. She's got a busy schedule with preschool and speech on Mondays, ECFE and dance on Tuesdays, preschool on Wednesday, speech on Thursdays, preschool and speech on Fridays.
It sounds crazy busy but she loves it! She doesn't even need a nap when she gets home which surprised me. Today at ECFE she asked if she could write her name "fancy". Why not? Fancy apparently means cursive. My baby is growing up too fast!


  1. It does seem to go so fast doesn't it! I love that both of your kids have jumped right in to the school routines!

  2. love the small class sizes! wish our classes here in Ohio were that small. When Elayna was in K at the elementary school, she had 30 kids in her class!

  3. Well we could say with both of your bigger kids in school you get a break, but I know better than that. School brings with it hectic schedules!!! Great first day of school pictures.

  4. How our little munchkins have grown. I can remember Brians first days of school and now I'm seeing his childrens school days. It is true that time marches on. Love every minute of it.


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