Monday, June 20, 2011


We knew our cat, Alice, was probably pregnant and we knew there was a chance her babies could be born before BabyBear, but HOW they were born....well. That's one story I couldn't have predicted if I tried!

Last night we spent a half hour reading books in my bed while Ali snuggled up to Julia. It was the perfect way to end a stressful evening of park duties.  When PapaBear got home from the office the kids crawled into their own beds and I curled up in bed to watch a little Netflix.  Julia had taken a really long afternoon nap so I wasn't hopeful that she'd fall asleep anytime soon, but my hope was that having Ali in bed with her would at least keep her in her room. My little plan was working like a charm when I heard Ali meow really loud. I expected Julia to cry out in pain from being scratched the next second but instead it was Ali I heard cry out again. I jumped up (as fast as a 38 week pregnant woman can) and went across the hall to investigate.

I arrived just in time to see a kitten being born. Right there in Julia's bed. With no warning other than the loud meow a few seconds earlier. Julia went running to tell Sam and Daddy while I watched Ali do what mama kitty's do after they give birth. I'll spare you the details. Google it if you really want to know. Then it was time for action. We grabbed towels, plastic bags, paper towel, and a Target bag. Anything and everything to protect the remaining clean portions of Julia's bed.  At 8:10pm, fifteen minutes after the first kitten was born, a second one arrived. Ali didn't seem to mind the attention and went about her business. We watched in wonder and amazement for another twenty minutes then went to work putting together a kitten nursery.

Ali wasn't excited about me moving the kittens but it was way past bedtime and two surprise births in one night was enough for one little girl's bed!  The kids went to bed having already named their kittens, Sassy and Sugar. Julia was still awake when the third one was born about an hour later.  I wasn't there to witness that birth, but I did see the fourth and final kitten's birth at about 10:30. It was fun to hear the surprise in Sam's voice when he looked into the box this morning and said, "It looks like there are FOUR!"

I think they all have white paws and white bellies like their mama. Two are tiger striped, one is grey striped, and the baby of the bunch is mostly black except for its white markings.

We have our hands full now!


  1. Surprise is right!
    What fun for the kids!!

  2. Oh my goodness! How adorable! Congratulations!

  3. So stinking cute, and I am soooo not a cat person!

    Still anonymous because blogger hates me!

  4. The message the kids left was priceless. The excitement in their voices was adorable. I actually saved the message they left about their kitties because I didn't have the heart to erase it. What a experience for them and I am so happy they shared it with me!!!!!!

  5. that is way too awesome! an experience every child should have...

    {I got your email... I am just slow at responding :)}


  6. And look at the proud mama. So much fun!

  7. AH!!!! So cute. I want another cat so bad, but my kids would terrorize it I'm afraid. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Soooooooo cute!!!!!


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