Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cutting the curls

I hesitate to write this post tonight since I don't have after pictures to share, but I have some time to myself at the moment so I'm going to at least give you the written version of The.Hair.Cut.

We did it. We had Julia's curls cut today...for the first time ever. She's over four and a half. It was time. Not just a trim. A full blown, cut 10 inches off, hair cut. We have the ponytail sitting in her room to prove it. She was excited more than nervous. Wiggly more than stationary. And more adorable than I could have imagined.

I took her in with freshly conditioned and combed hair so the stylist didn't have to offer to wash it. (remember, we don't use shampo and haven't for over a year) She wet it, put leave in conditioner in, and combed it out one last time. The leave in conditioner was pretty sticky and weighed her hair down so much that I didn't take any good 'after' pictures yet (but you can see an 'in progress' picture on Twitter).

I knew when it she was done shaping the back that we'd done the right thing. Nobody got emotional - I was too busy trying to get her to hold still! It looked so cute and it was still wet! As we wandered the baby section of Macy's (still don't have a going home from the hospital outfit yet) I kept glancing at her hair to see what it was doing as it dried. What a relief that she still has her curls!! They are much darker now that all the sun bleached parts have been cut off, but is it cute!

We went to the beach when we got home and it was wonderful to not have her hair get tangled in her life jacket or make her cold when it was time to get out! I rinsed out that sticky conditioner and used our normal Say Yes To Cucumber conditioner (but WAY less than I used to!) and in 20 seconds her hair was combed through. The kids were busy playing and didn't even notice when I finished combing. You should have seen Julia's face when I told her I was already done combing her hair! Her expression was priceless! No more 20-30 minutes of sitting in the tub while I tug on her hair. 20 seconds of combing and we'll be done! My back is already thanking me and I think life with the new baby will be much easier if we don't have to set aside 30 minutes just so Julia's hair can look decent.

I promise to post pictures just as soon as I can! It's dark and rainy now so it will be tomorrow before I can take any. They'll be worth the wait. I promise!


  1. AGH.....I can hardly stand it.....hoping for a picture soon!

  2. ok, I thought when you said it was hair cut day, that meant, like, a little buzz cut for S and a trim for J - oh. my. WORD! I cannot WAIT to see photos!!
    ACK! Glad you all love it! What an exciting day!

  3. I CANNOT wait to see pictures! The suspense!

  4. I am so excited!! I can't wait to see how it looks!! When Boo was 2 we got her hair cut for the first time, and ALL HER CURLS went AWAY! I was sad, but oh my mercy thank goodness for no 20 minutes of hair in the morning.

    So proud of you, I know how hard that is.

  5. Oh how you are going to love the lower maintenance hair!!! And I am positive she is just as precious as ever!!! Praying your new little one comes soon!

  6. I can't wait to see it! we just had annalise's hair cut because it was so tangly and it took so long every time she got wet! I'm so glad we cut it! glad it was painless for you. :) looking for pictures of her hair and for BABY pictures!!!


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