Friday, June 3, 2011

nesting vs. resting

With about 32 days to go I'm finding myself in a conundrum. My brain thinks about the list of 30+
things I want/need to accomplish before BabyBear is born, but my body isn't getting the message. I'm needing a nap at 9am for Pete's sake! At least I'm off of bedrest so when I do get a burst of energy I can tackle a project or two. Julia loves a good project so I have a great helper by my side. (Less bending for me!)

Today is Sam's last day of kindergarten and I think we'll celebrate with an ice cream cone from McDonalds. We'll be busy with park duties much of the weekend so I want to make our free time as special as we can. Luckily 'special' to them is getting out the slip-n-slide or turning on the sprinkler. My kids LOVE the water and don't mind that the lake is freezing still. On Memorial Day we took them down to the beech for the first time and they jumped right in despite 30mph windsthat made for some pretty big waves. They had life jackets on (yes, I'm that mom) and were having a blast ridong the waves into shore. Sam was even brave enough to float on his back for a bit....a HUGE accomplishment for him!

At the moment Julia is cooling off in the kiddie pool while I blog on my phone. I should pull grass from the garden (tons of seeds in the bales this year!) but it's pushing 90 and thumbing out a blog post is about as much work as I can muster right now. I DID hang curtains in the nursury, wash a load of clothes, hang the old curtains from the office in our room, wash dishes, and clean off the dining room table so I don't feel too fact I feel pretty good (other than being tired). I'm loving being a homemaker again and having my husband come home to a clean(ish) house. I have a few more park programs to iron out before the baby comes but I hope to wrap those up tonight while I work in the office.

I guess those weeds aren't going to pull themslves so I better get to it!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So glad to hear from you! Glad things are going well! You've been on my mind!!!!

  2. You look fabulous!! I'm glad you are enduring the heat. It's horrendous here...and I'm only halfway through with my pregnancy.

    I love the pictures!!


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