Monday, July 11, 2016

Farm Party - Elsa's 3rd birthday

The themes we choose for birthday parties rarely fall in the 'typical' category and I enjoy the challenge! When Elsa turned three we were still waiting to close on our new house so we had to put off her party for a few weeks. Finally the second weekend in August of 2014 we were able to throw her a Farm Party. We had moved into the house ten days prior. I still had red checkered tablecloths from PapaBear's surprise 40th Camping Party a few years ago and we already had a good collection of bandanas as well. Add in PapaBear's vintage tractors from his childhood and mason jars filled with flowers from our garden and we were good to go!

Once I get started on a theme though....look out. I had so many ideas! Pudding cups for mud puddles, egg candy to put in the eggs for an egg hunt, making homemade ice cream, and don't even get me started on the other food ideas. I'll get to those in a minute.

First I made signs for the different stations around our yard using 4x6 photos I made in photoshop that I mounted on cardstock and stapled them to stakes around the yard at each station. A ducky pond, a sheep crossing sign (raisinettes sprinkled on the sidewalk), hay wagon rides, a petting zoo (stuffed animals on a blanket in the shade for the babies), a photo booth, clothes pin drop, and an egg hunt kept the kids plenty busy but didn't require much prep work on my end.

 I have the best helpers, but for the most part nothing needed to be facilitated - that can be exhausting and doesn't really allow for visiting with other guests. It also can get dicey if you have games with winners and losers. The goal is for the kids to have FUN and not compete with each other.

I got cupcakes toppers off of Amazon and stuck them in cupcakes from Costco (green frosting as grass for the cows & sheep and brown frosting for mud for the pigs & chickens).

Elsa blew out candles in a pie sampler instead of a cake. Yum!

You can never have enough sweets at a birthday party so we made some ice cream too.

We counteracted the sugar with a bunch of picnic fare.

We were still absorbing the idea that we still get to live where we have a huge yard. After living in a 200 acre regional park we weren't expecting anything close to that when we left.

We actually have MORE apple trees here than we did in the park.

Every year for Elsa's birthday I print out the month photo shoot images to display at her party. It is a lot of work to make sure these pictures get taken but this series is so special to me! The mini bandana bunting is actually a 4x6 photo that I made in photoshop using photographs of bandanas.

This crew of cousins had so much fun!

Happy birthday my pig tailed THREE year old!!!!

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I've got some catching up to do it seems!


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