Sunday, October 9, 2011

a castle fit for a queen

Donning a fancy drss and a crown is new territory for our family. We are usually very anti-princess, but when the kids decided they wanted castle themed birthday parties who was I to say no?  I have to admit, it was very, very sweet to see my tomboy all gussied up.

She and her royal court dined on mac and cheese, sugar snap peas, honey crisp apples, and juice pouches before moving on to cake, games, & gifts.

After searching for tiaras it was time for dragon egg races (egg and spoon races with dinosaurs in the plastic eggs). Their prizes were candy necklaces and rings.

Cake was served in the castle before gifts and then.....

they decided to 'clean up'. Good thing it was 80 degrees!

Tiarra or not, she's a tomboy at heart!

But I hope she never forgets what it felt like to be a queen of her own castle!

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  1. Precious!! And I feel the same way about my tomboy when on the rare occasion I see her dressed up in fancy clothes!

  2. I think Liza is going to be my tomboy. She already crawls over baby dolls to get to the tractors.

  3. I'm glad the party was a success. It will one that she will never forget.

  4. I love the kids birthdays! You are very creative. I love doing birthday parties for my kids! I am SUPER hoping that Little Monkey Man forgets what one of my daycare kids put in his head-to have a Disney Cars party next year. BORING. He doesn't have friends over for his till he is five, but still. I like coming up with new ideas, and Snug had Cars theme when he was 3. I'm ready for something else!
    Anyway, you did a fantastic job, thanks for posting the pictures!


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