Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alphabitty Moments on Instagram

Three and a half years ago I began matching an everyday moment from my kid's childhood with each letter of the alphabet. That was the beginning of Alphabitty Moments. I have used's free Booksmart software to make custom layouts for a photobook version to preserve these fleeting moments.  Elsa's version even became her 1st year baby book

Many photos in my most recent book were taken with my cell phone since it is always with me. I expect that trend to continue so I can capture real life without spoinling the moment getting out my DSLR. Search Alphabitty Moments on the side bar of my blog and you'll find lots of ideas for 'moments' that might inspire your own series of photographs. You'll also find that I started (and stopped!) sharing these moments on my blog over the years. Thanks to Instagram it is now so much easier to share the little things in photographs and using a hashtag of #alphabittymoments it will be a piece of cake to share a slice of every day life with each other. I'm 4MamaBear on Instagram - I'd love for you to join me in this memory keepsake project that has been near and dear to my heart for more than half of the six years I've been writing in this little corner of the world wide web.

We will be starting with the letter A and working our way all the way through to Z over the next 26 weeks. Today I'm chosing Art for A because of Elsa's love for coloring. What makes this special and fleeting to me is that she's on her belly....something that becomes increasing less frequent the older my kids get.

What Alphabitty Moment do you want to share today? There is a linky below if you aren't on Instagram or you plan to blog your letter/photo of the week.


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