Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is an Alphabitty Moment?

I'm sure we all agree that the big events of childhood - the firsts we all photograph and document are important, but Alphabitty Moments are about the ordinary moments that fill in the gaps. They are the little things that might go unnoticed if it weren't for the discipline of highlighting one of them each week. 

It all started with a post I wrote here called The Little Things and has snowballed into a book I won the grand prize for in's Best Blurb Book contest. My little 64 page book filled with 26 words (one for each letter of the alphabet) is the first in a series I plan to make for my kids.

I invited others to join me in recording their own children's Alphabitty Moments on Thursdays. So far we have cycled through the alphabet four times. I'd love to have you join us in this unique memory recording exercise.  If you need some inspiration you can always read through my other posts on the topic here.

The Thursday carnival is on hold right now. I hope to start it up again soon!


  1. Congrats! That is very cool! I never did finish mine, but I think I may pick it right up where I left off and finish it this summer.

    :) Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Alphabitty Moments is back up and running now that my youngest cub has settled into a routine. (as much as a six month old can of course) :)

    Check back on Thursdays for more posts!


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