Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elsa Louise at 39 Weeks

We spent most of Elsa's 39th week on vacation. We enjoyed three nights at the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire, WI. We had a great time and Elsa did really well. She started waking every couple of hours at night a few days before we left so she didn't spend much time in the pack-n-play we brought with but she did spend lots of quality time with Grandma Gayle.  She makes me SO nervous the way she buries her head in the mattress that I end up bringing her to bed with me so she'll sleep on her back.

Somehow she's still a happy baby despite not getting a whole lot of uninterrupted sleep.

She's starting to scrunch up her face like her big brother did when he was little. She'll also spit and then laugh at herself. Silly girl! She likes to repeat the sounds I make when we're riding in the van. I think it helps her not feel so alone when she can't see me. At least she can hear her mama's voice.

Diaper Details: Another Flip cover by Cotton Babies. Since I wrote about the Flip the first time I purchased some new diapers. BabyKicks Hemp Prefolds off of Craigslist arrived while we were on vacation. (With the price of gas, it made more sense to pay for shipping and skip the hassle of finding a place/time to meet). I love that we live close enough to a metropolitan area that has lots of cloth diaper users because it has saved us SO much money on diapers. I sold my Happy Heiney pocket diapers and used that money to buy hemp and bamboo diapers on my wish list with very little out of pocket cost.

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  1. Too cute Miss Elsa! LOVE anything by Babykicks. I have four of their pocket diapers and they are perfect for miss skinny Hannah. They never leak either!


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