Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elsa Louise at 36 Weeks

Playing catch up again...thank goodness for the notes I write on our calendar and in my planner or I'd never remember all the details of Elsa's development! Week 36 was a fun one for our family! We celebrated my brother-in-law's 40th birthday on the 3rd, the same day that Elsa's second tooth popped through (other middle bottom one). She loved being surrounded by other babies at the birthday party. Another thing she gets very excited about (read: flaps her arms and screeches wildly) is our cat, Allie. Just the sight of her sends Elsa into a frenzy.

We finally gave up the swaddle blanket for good this week. She sleeps on her belly exclusively now. It makes me so nervous because I find her with her face in the mattress all too often. Other milestones for this week include clicking her tongue, and mimicking us when we do it first.

I was able to capture some of her clapping during her basket shoot this week. All it takes is saying "Yea Elsa!" and she starts clapping.

* Cloth Diaper Details: Elsa is wearing a Flip Diaper Cover by Cotton Babies. The Flip Cover is my current favorite cover. I have it in a few different colors, most of which are snap closure. As much as I love the perfect fit of velcro, I don't like the velcro catching on clothes. I never have leaks with the Flip and there are two flaps for holding the insert in place. I wish I had hemp inserts, but for now the microfiber ones I have work just fine. When I want added absorbancy I add a Polar Babies doubler. They aren't cheap considering they are a doubler and not a stand alone insert, but I used them with Julia so I've gotten my money's worth. The combo of the microfiber insert and doubler is the trimmest diaper combo I have that provide as much as 5 hours between changes. For a heavy wetter like Elsa, that's really good.  With the right stuffing I can use a Flip Cover for overnights which for us means 12 hours in the same diaper. She has yet to wake up with wet sheets using this cover. I buy them used off off Craigslist or when Cotton Babies has a seconds sale. I've never paid more than $10 for one.

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