Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elsa Louise at 29 Weeks

I was this close to giving up on the infant car seat this week. This.Close. So while I mourned the life of easily transporting Elsa I happily shopped for hats for her to wear with her winter coat. I found this adorable one on clearance for $10. It's fleece lined and oh so warm. Warm is good considering winter has finally arrived. We did have one last heat wave though and I took full advantage of the upper 40 degree days and took some pics of our sweet pea in the dusting of snow before it melted.

Then it got cold and for the first time in the series of basket photos I've been taking every week since she was only a few weeks old, I had to shoot indoors. Thankfully the sun was shining that day and I was able to get some decent ones.

New this week for Miss Elsa is the drool. Lots and lots of drool. Put a bib on and then change it an hour later kind of drool. She's discovered that if she waves her arms hard enough she can hit herself in the belly and make a funny noise. She practices this new skill often with great delight. We've had to give up the Miracle Blanket that we loved so much because she's just too big for it. Instead we use a Sleep Sack swaddler from my sister. It works really well and makes at least a couple of feedings a day pain free for me. (she's a pincher and a scratcher when she eats) Even with a swaddle wrap she isn't napping for more than 45 minutes during the day. Maybe it's taking so many naps in the car and not having a regular routine that is causing the sleeping trouble? On one hand I wouldn't mind her settling into a routine but since our schedule varies so much I don't feel like it pays to even try.

Hopefully the cold she's been fighting all week will take a hike soon. It doesn't keep her up at night any more than usual but she hates having her nose sucked out. Can't blame her! Maybe she's teething? Just in case I'm going to start using a amber teething necklace again in hopes that it can relieve any pain she's in. Julia had at least four teeth by now and I think I can see some breaking through Elsa's bottom gums.


  1. lol her hat is awesome!!! what a cutie she is :) I so want to kiss those cheeks!


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