Sunday, January 15, 2012

Soaking it up

Before I hit the {blog} books tonight I wanted to take a minute and write about our weekend. I had the privilege of spending a few precious hours with some women I met through blogging [gasp] three years ago. It was lovely to laugh to pass around the [four] babies that were there and to have conversations that were more than 140 characters long. I soaked up that time and will hold it close for those moments of motherhood that make me want to pull my hair out.

After we all went our separate ways I spent some time wandering Babies R Us. So.much.stuff. I wanted to tell every couple with that registry wand beeper thing that they didn't need half of what they felt pressure to get.  I wish someone would have told me that back when I was one of those stressed out moms-to-be trying to figure out what exactly I needed to be ready for our first baby.  A swaddle blanket, a bouncy seat of some sort, a sleep sheep, a video monitor, and a sleepy wrap - those are things that I couldn't live without this time around.

I called home before I left the parking lot only to find out that the power was out at home again. Third time in six months that someone has taken out a power pole on our road. What are the odds? I mean really? So with PapaBear's blessing, Elsa and I went to the mall. She hung out in the ring sling and I pushed the stroller with the diaper bag. It has become increasingly difficult to get Elsa buckled in her car seat so I picked up a couple of hats on clearance since she's going to have to leave the cozy warmth of the infant seat any day now. Oh how I wish car seat makers would make the straps six inches longer! What's the point of saying a car seat is good up to 30 pounds if the darn straps only work up to 22 pounds? *sigh* I'm going to miss being able to let her continue a nap when we arrive at our destination or be able to sit and play with her toys while I get the older kids settled in their classrooms. It's winter here and man the timing of this car seat switch stinks.

At least the temps have been incredibly mild so far so I shouldn't complain. We've been able to be outside soaking up vitamin D on many occasions, including today.

The dusting of snow we got yesterday won't be here for long so the kids soaked up some winter fun while they could. Sledding, snowball fights, & shoveling.....just for the fun of it.  I could get used to winters like this!

and endings to weekends like this...

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  1. I thought about the get together...wasn't able to make it. Sounds like a great time. I'm interested in a blulb get together!! :) Hint hint.

    Elsa is getting so big so fast. In my mind you're still pregnant! {I guess since it was the last time I've seen you!}

    I've noticed no skiing this Winter either. cRaZy!

    I hear you on the infant car seat!


  2. Her hat is fantastic! I'm glad you got some girl time -we all need it!


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