Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yesterday was hot so we went to the splash pad with Jennifer and her kids.
Julia had the right idea - stay as wet as possible.

Before I knew how hot it was going to be, my plan for today was to turn this:

into this:

Thankfully it went faster because I had help. Really, he was helpful.
He washed the turnips and potatoes, put plums in the blender, and handed me beans so I could cut them into bite size pieces.

"Look Mom, it kinda looks like a U!" and my personal favorite: "This one kinda looks like a garden hose."

With all the assistance from Brian and Sam we were able to get some relief from the heat at the pool - just in time to see this during the car ride over there:

It was nice to have Daddy along.

This'll do the trick - give Daddy a shower

Beating the heat is fun!

Boys vs. Girls

You're smiling now, but wait until you get back into the car and see this...


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  1. What a great post! I loved how you tied all the pictures into a story. Thanks for the advice on traveling with 2 kiddos by yourself. I've thought about asking you since I knew that you've done it recently. Do let me know if you think of any other helpful tips.


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