Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to organize Nerf guns

If you are the mom of boys you know that they will inevitably turn something into a gun. I was dead set against toy guns in our home until I learned that tidbit about having a son. Enter the Nerf gun. Now that Sam is almost 13 he has amassed a small arsenal of weapons and I was at my wits end trying to keep them assessable yet out of the way. 

That is until a relative posted a picture of the Nerf Gun Wall she made for her boys.

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No more guns in the floor? No more searching for bullets when friends come over to play? Sign me up!

This is a very easy DIY project that is very affordable! I picked up a variety of pegboard hardware at Home Depot and played around with what hooks worked best for each gun. You'd be surprised how a couple little hooks can hold a big gun! In fact, the biggest gun is hung with only one small piece!

Be sure to find the studs when hanging the heavy tag board. (I bought two pieces for $7 each at Home Depot.) Studs are 16 inches apart so once I found one (by tapping the wall until a tap sounded different than the rest) it was easy to put the rest of the screws in. REMEMBER TO LEAVE SPACE BEHIND THE BOARD FOR THE HARDWARE TO ANCOR. I bought a variety pack of hardware and it came with spacers to keep the board away from the wall 1/2 inch, but if you use long enough screws you can easily unscrew them a little to make a space.

Sam's room is a mishmash of sports and outdoors themes, but I like to call it an ADVENTURE THEMED bedroom instead. He is an active kid - hiking, camping, canoeing, a three sport athlete....all this is tied together with his functional gallery wall. 

Do you have a toy storage solution that worked well for your family? Be sure to share it in the comments! I have another pegboard storage solution post coming up....stay tuned....

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