Monday, February 8, 2016

Felt Wands - perfect for a Valentine gift!

My youngests love language is sequins and sparkles so when I saw these wands on Pinterest I knew she'd want to make them for her friends at preschool. I printed out the text and she'll sign her name to them before tucking them into the pocket. 

I'm not anti-candy, but I do gravitate towards things that aren't gone in two seconds. I hope these wands bring hours and hours of joy to the little girls in Elsa's class.

Want to make some for your kids? Here's how:

First visit this blog for the original source of information and instructions. Below I have shared photos of my version for reference. 

I opted not to paint the dowel rods, but I did sand them down. My dowels are 10 inches long so I would have enough materials from 3 dowels for the 10 wands I wanted to make. Our local hardware store sells this thickness for less than $1.50 each.

I used Elmer's school glue to glue on the fiber fill. I let them dry overnight. This step is important for keeping the dowel secure in the wand.

I cut out three stars per color and sewed sequins on the front of the pocket using a color that matched the sequins as much as possible. I Googled 'star clip art' and printed out a template of a star that was the shape I wanted.

The purple sequins are dark so I used a darker thread for that part and a lighter thread for stitching the pieces together. 

I preferred to hand stitch the three stars together from the top of the star around to where the dowel is inserted instead of using a machine. This allowed me to put sequins right up to the edge of the felt. 

Don't forget to insert the dowel before you close up the bottom! 

That's all there is to it! This isn't a fast project, but it is a portable one which is nice for the down times waiting for school pick ups. 

My 11 year old's Valentines for his fifth grade class took 5 minute to print, cut and assemble for 19 kids so it all balances out in the end! I'll share his final results next. If you have a child that wants a more boy themed valentine then you'll want to check them out here.

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