Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christmas Morning

Still catching up on entries for my 2012 blog book :)

When I kissed PapaBear goodnight on Christmas Eve and we went our seperate ways per our best chance at a goodnight's rest, I told him it felt like we were dating, kissing goodnight at the end of a date - except for the three kids sleeping upstairs. I slept in a bedroom with Elsa, the older two slept under the tree, and PapaBear took the cave in the basement. We awoke (rested!!!!) on Christmas morning to find that Santa had left gifts in/near stockings by the fireplace. It didn't take long for the kids to get busy spying or coloring dinosaurs.

As usual Santa only nibbled on the cookies that Sam and Julia picked out specifically for him. He has a LOT of cookies to eat in one night we always tell them! My first attempt at something other than canned cinnamon rolls went in the oven about 8:15 then we sipped coffee and juice while we waited for Sharon and Jamey to arrive for family gifts.

The breakfast bakes were a success and I have already filed the recipes away to make again next year. We opened gifts by the warmth of the fire and then Sam, Julia, Daddy, Grandpa, Josie, and Jamey headed out to try out the new sleds. Elsa had fallen asleep in my arms and I enjoyed a Christmas Day snuggle with my angel. We hung out the rest of the day until it was time to head home to unload bins and reload them with gear for our drive to Grandma Gayle's the next day.


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  1. I love having you stay over Christmas eve. I hope next year Sharons can join us again. With the girls both having been sick I can understand them wanting to be home. I loved the breakfast you prepared and would be very happy if you made it again next year. Give my little sweeties a kiss and hug from grandma.


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