Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Snow is Magic Snow

Snowflakes were falling when we woke on Christmas Eve morning. We have been limping along with what little snow was left after the rain decimated our 9 inches so it was really nice to see a few flakes. Isn't Christmas snow suppose to be magic snow? It was rather fitting I think - seeing as this year has been The kids were up at their normal times and we had a lazy morning of cinnamon rolls & Christmas movies. I was busy in the kitchen prepping our Christmas Day breakfast bakes of Sausage Strata and EggNog French Toast (sans egg nog). I also had a pot of chicken noodle soup going so we had some easy meals to come home to. When you aren't the host at the holidays there isn't the convenience of leftovers, but then again I can treat our house as a staging area and simply leave our rubbermaid bins in the middle of the floor for the next round of Christmas gatherings.

By 10am we were ready to open our family gifts which include the packages that come from my brother-in-law & sister-in-law in Alaska. The kids were thrilled with their gifts. Sam kept saying, "How does everyone know I like art?" I received my first fondue pot and am anxious to give it a whirl! The kids practically shoved our gifts they made at school in our laps they were that excited to hand them out. Julia made us a calendar and Sam made an adorable snowman out of a creamer bottle. I handed out the ornaments I made for them - a felt AliCat for Julia, a felt Penny for Elsa, and a paper ornament made from an Atlas page of the Boundary Waters for Sammy.

Julia's face makes it very clear how much she loves her new hippo, Hip. Elsa went right to work sweeping up the wrapping paper, Sam bypassed the dinosaur game we got him and went right to one of the art projects from Uncle Gary and Aunt Laura. Penny did her thing - climbing in all the boxes - even the skinny one from Elsa's broom. After some grumbling about wearing church clothes to Grandma and Grandpa's house we loaded the rest of the stuff for our trip over the hills and through the woods to Grandma and Grandpa's house....

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