Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas

I wasn't surprised to see that when I uploaded my blog posts to's Booksmart program last night I only have about 425 photos for the entire year. Compare that to our Summer Photo Albums that span May-October that contain twice that many and it is clear that I've been a bad blogger in 2012. The year isn't quite over yet and so I'm adding 100+ photos from December so we will have a record of all the memories we made in this magical month. In keeping with the patchwork design style I love most of these posts will follow the format I suggest on my design site. Text first, then photos. Minimal captions. While it might make for a boring blog post, my ultimate goal is to make beautiful books. Moving on....

December 1st fell on a Saturday this year and we set the bar pretty high with a ride on the Bethehem Express. We got our tickets punched and when the whistle blew we chuga-chugga-ed through four different towns set up in the church basement. The kids were on their best behavior and really got into it. Their favorite of course was the birthday party for Jesus in Munchiland thanks to some yummy muffins and balloon creations.

Next we walked to downtown Arlington to catch a horse drawn wagon ride.  We rode a few times until it got busy and the wait became too long. Doughnuts from the bakery were a big hit and the only money we spent all day! It was Elsa's 17 month birthday so I tried to snap a couple of more formal shots but she was too busy signing "horse" and watching all the activity around her. She loved to dance and clap as the hobo band playing carols.  When the sun started to set the temps fell from the comfortable 45 we were spoiled with earlier in the day so we headed to the van. Next year we'll be more prepared and bring extra clothes so we can stay for the lighted float parade. I heard that there were over 90 in this year's! On our way back to the van we stopped to chat with the big guy. Elsa was not impressed.

 It was such a great way to begin December and put us right into the spirit of the season!




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