Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All I want for Christmas.... my two front teeth!

Like his sister's teeth a few months ago, Sam's two front teeth were hanging by a thread and since we were already at the dentist for a cleaning, the doc was kind enough to numb his gums and finish the job. He now is sporting the cutest lispy inducing grin - just in time for Christmas!

When we visited Santa the other day Sam didn't ask for anything so Santa asked if he wanted his two front teeth. Ha!

Actually Sam doesn't want anything for Christmas. He said so himself. "I already have everything I want!" As a result I've switched to saying, "What are you going to talk to Santa about?" and you know what? I like the sound of that sooo much better anyway!

One of the things Sam wanted this winter was snow....and that wish already came true this past weekend when we got nine inches. He's a happy boy!!!!


  1. My 6 year old wants the same thing - his 2 front teeth!! And 9 inches is awesome - we are in ND and have next to nothing. We are from the Fridley area so I just love reading your blog :-)

  2. Yay for Sam! James has his first loose tooth and hopes to lose it by Christmas! And yay for snow. Nary a flake here


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