Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elsa the Ewok...& her entourage

Elsa's Ewok costume was the inspiration for our family Halloween costume theme. I found it at Once upon a Child after many trips to look for one. It was worth the wait don't you think?
Once I had her costume I went ahead and put together her entourage...sort of like last year when we did a Chronicles of Narnia family Halloween themed costumes

 Jessica Turner wrote recently about taking costume pictures BEFORE Halloween and I couldn't agree more! It takes the pressure off the night of Halloween - especially because it gets dark so early and the weather can be unpredictable.  So instead, once I have costumes I have the kids dress up and run around outside for a while so I can get photos of them. Since we do a theme I need that low key time to get a good one of ALL of them together.  This little mini session took all of five minutes and even the outtakes are great! This is the second year we've taken photos ahead of time and I highly recommend it! Granted, these aren't the costumes Sam and Julia wore on Halloween, but it allowed me to get some fun pictures of the three of them and added to Elsa's photos.
 On the afternoon of the Halloween party we stopped over at Grandma and Grandpa's to get a real family one. Thanks to Sharon, we have one of our best family photos ever! 

PapaBear as Hans (love the Harrison Ford smirk!)
MamaBear as Princess Leia
SisterBear as Darth 
BrotherBear as Obi Wan
& BabyBear as an Ewok

Couple of notes on our costumes in case anyone out there wants to make a Hans Solo Costume or a homemade Princess Leia costume....

Hans Solo Costume
Brown rain boots - already had from Gander Mountain
navy cargo pants - already owned
white linen shirt - $4 from Goodwill
belt - part of a different children's costume for a Jawa that I bought at Once Upon a Child for $12 (Sam wore the hooded cape for his costume over a t-shirt of PapaBear's)
vest - $2.50 from Goodwill. (was originally a woman's blazer but I had a photo of what the costume should look like on my phone and went around the store looking for the same style front & used a seam ripper and scissors to make the vest look identical.)

Princess Leia Costume
White Gown - White turtleneck under a white graduation gown from Goodwill for $9
White pants - I only own white long underwear -but they worked just fine
Wig - I bought this off of for $11 with shipping. My hair isn't even remotely long enough anymore to make my own buns.
Silver belt - I have a box of random material I bought at a garage sale for $3. Luckily there was some silver fabric in there that I could reinforce with some heavier white fabric that was also in the box. I had intended to top stitch a pattern on the belt but my sewing machine wasn't cooperating. I pinned the belt over my gown before we left the house.

For more Halloween costume inspiration check out the link up at The Mom Creative!

 But before you head over there here's one more babywearing costume because I just couldn't resist. :)

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  1. I love this! Love seeing a family picture of you all dressed up. TOO fun!

  2. oh my gosh! I loooove this! (yes, I'm this far behind!) What a GREAT time you must of had! And the memories for the kiddos? PRICELESS!

  3. You got dressed up too! Awesome!!!!


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