Friday, September 21, 2012

Elsa Louise at 52 weeks

We made it! Elsa celebrated her 52nd week by pulling herself to standing on our kitchen steps. (June 23rd) All this time she's been our baby girl, lagging behind in development compared to her siblings. Sitting for FOUR months before she started to crawl. Humoring Mama and staying 'little' as looooong as possible.  The times are a changin' now! She now has way more awareness of her surroundings, her wishes, and getting in the middle of all the action.
One thing that hasn't changed is her smile. No new teeth for a while now. Still top four and bottom four. She's a great eater - chunks of cooked carrots were added to her diet today with success. 


Did I mention the pulling up she's starting to do? Good time to retire the basket!

Cloth Diaper Details: Using a Thirsties cover here, but ever since I bought disposables when she had Hand Foot & Mouth, I've been using them more often. My excuse - she's a squirmy wormy on the changing table and I can't hold her still long enough to get all the pieces of her diaper in place or removed without getting poo everywhere. And to be completely honest, it's nice to be able to put her in some of her outfits that only fit without a fluffy butt.

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  1. maybe that means Molly isn't destined to be the baby of the family cause she's done everything SUPER early!
    Cute pictures as always!


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