Friday, September 21, 2012

Elsa Louise at 51 weeks

Our baby girl turned 51 weeks waaaaaaaaaaay back on June 29th. But I'm not going to dwell on my lack of updates. Instead I've pulled out my calendar and looked up the notes I've taken on Elsa's development and am going to get myself caught up. So there. :)

 This was VBS week so Elsa was my helper at school while I did my part to help out. It's been nice to not have to wake her from her afternoon nap (transitioning to one nap slowly) now that school is out for summer.  She's so good about going to sleep as long as I stay in the room with her. I love to sit in the rocker and watch her drift of to sleep.

She tried chicken breast for the first time this week and liked it, but for the most part we will continue to use beans as her main source of protein. I hate beans. hate.them. But it's the least I can do to help her be braver than her mama.

I'll wrap up this week's update with one of my favorites from this week.

Good thing we only have one more week to go!

Cloth Diaper Details: Elsa is in what are called 'wool shorties' for her basket shoot. She only wears wool at night because of compression leaks. Too bad because they are super cute!!!

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