Sunday, July 22, 2012

Party, Pool, & Pictures

It was HOT and HUMID for Elsa's birthday party yesterday but we had three pools, a slip n slide, lots of water balloons, frozen t-shirts, & lots of cold drinks to keep everyone as cool as possible. I have tons of photos of the Rainbow Party but this is the only one I have ready for tonight.

The three youngest on both sides of our family - until mid August when Josie becomes a big sister. I found these rainbow shirts at Once Upon a Child months ago. It was fun to see the girls together with them on. We really need to start video taping them when we put them on the white bench because they are a hoot! I hope to get more birthday photos up later this week...

Before we deflated Josie's pool that we borrowed for the party my kids spent an hour splashing in the warm water late this afternoon. The light was so pretty and who knew what a nice background a plastic pool could be!? Now that her party is behind her - Elsa is SOOOOO BIG!
I finally managed to get a clear shot of Julia's freckles....The same amount I had at her age.
And then there is Sam. Missing teeth, being silly, but loving life and his sisters. I cannot get enough of his deep blue eyes in this one!

It didn't seem right to put in the title of this post - but there's one more 'p' word to add to our weekend - pooped!  It has been non-stop activity for a solid month. Thank goodness our family reunion is 1/2 mile away next weekend because I'm wiped out! Which means I should wrap this up and get some sleep!  Goodnight!


  1. What a nice party and it really didn't seem all that hot as once in a while there was a breeze. I love the pictures of the kids--Julias freckles, Sams blue eyes and Elsa showing how big she is. Love to you all.

  2. looks like a fun party :) love when babies do "sooo big!" and we have a lot of missing teeth around here too. :)

  3. When did Sam get so grown up?????


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