Monday, June 11, 2012

A middle ground

 Now that school is out and the weather in BearCountry has been pretty decent we've been spending much of our time outdoors being active in some way. Today that meant a bike ride on a nearby trail. So far I'm really enjoying spending our mornings at home and then venturing out after Elsa wakes from her nap. It's cheaper to eat lunch at home instead of out and about and after nine months of packing Sam's lunches I appreciate the options I have when I can use my stove and my oven. Sam NEVER took hot lunch in Kindergarten but he did take it occassionally in first grade if he liked what they were serving.

I admit that as easy as it was to send $2 with him in the morning I felt guilty doing it. I much preferred knowing what was in the food he was eating and that it was up to my standards of healthy.  But....I can't control his food options all of the time and I want him to enjoy his lunches so we tried to find a middle ground. That is why when Foster Farms contacted me about reviewing their 100% Whole Grain Chicken Corn Dogs I enthusiastically said yes. Corn dogs are a hit with my kids and if I can provide them with ones that aren't nearly as bad for you as the traditional ones, I'm all for it.  Foster Farms is hoping that schools around the country who are working towards a more healthy lunch menu will consider their products as an alternative to children who are rejecting the new school lunch menus entirely by skipping lunch or by wasting food by leaving much of the healthy options uneaten. 

I wish I had a picture of my kid's faces when I told them dinner would be coming in the mail that day. Hello dry ice! The better picture would have been their faces when I told them we were having corn dogs. I baked them on my Pampered Chef jelly roll pan and they came out nice and crispy. They looked just like a regular corn dog. The kids (im)patiently waited for me to take the first bite, snap a quick photo, and pass them out.

I watched their reaction closely because I really wanted to put this product to the test and see if Sam and Julia could tell the difference. They looked exactly the same, but did they taste the same? 

The kids never said a word - except to ask for a second one. I guess that means they passed the test! Now I know there's a product that we can bring into our home that they will think is a special treat and I will know that they are the healthiest version available. That's a pretty happy (and tasty) middle ground if you ask me!

Do you pack your children's lunches or do they eat school lunch?What is your children's favorite thing on the lunch menu? Have you noticed any changes in the menus/options over the years?

Disclosure: I was sent a package of corn dogs by Foster Farms for review. The opinions expressed are mine.


  1. These look great! My kids usually have cold lunch, but eat hot when they like what's on the menu. I'd be interested to see how much these retail for. I've got a small grocery budget...

  2. Twice a week my daughter's school offers hot lunch. Pizza on tuesdays, and either chines or mexican or italian on Fridays. They also include fruit and a veggie. Otherwise I pack her lunch which is always different, as her tastes change daily. The summer program is at since we work outside the home, provides the lunches daily. I LOVE not packing the lunches!

  3. James got to buy a school lunch one time this year. I taught in a public school for 5 years and what they give the kids is CRAP. So he packs. Every time. What they serve here is just junk junk and fruit in heavy syrup junk :o)


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