Friday, June 22, 2012

Elsa Louise at 50 weeks

FIFTY! Can you believe it?!? I'm surprised it took this long for Elsa to start taking her diaper off! Granted when she has clothes on it's not an issue.

What IS an issue is her putting

Oh my. It's terrible. I sweep and sweep and sweep and it's never enough. She choked on a foil wrapper on Sunday the 10th - so so so scary! She was right there with me but she was drooling and every once in a while would gag. It was the drool that tipped me off that something wasn't right. It was so far back in her mouth that I really had to dig for it. It took us both a while to recover and stop crying.

Moving on to a much happier moment....her first sign. NURSE* It was Monday the 11th and I was so excited because I've been signing for MONTHS with no response. Two days later she signed MORE when she was eating dinner. She also has started pointing at things and "reading" books. She squeals and points, squeals and points. Then she hands me the book so I can read a page before she grabs it back to squeal and point.

Another 'fun' activity she enjoys is putting things in and then taking them right back out. Classic.

This is also classic Elsa. The cutest scrunched up face you ever did see!

*NURSE - we improve and use the sign for 'milk' since that's what she's getting and it will be a while before she has milk in a cup anyway.

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  1. She is adorable!! I love the funny face!! Time sure does fly by. My daughter turned two last month and it's just so hard to believe!! : )

    ~ Wendy


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