Friday, May 25, 2012

Elsa Louise at 47 weeks

I think of at least ten things a day I want to remember about Elsa in a given week but then when it comes time to sit down to write an update my mind goes blank. I have my notes, but I know there are things I forget to write down. Like the fact that she likes to grab her feet and lift them in the air when she's sitting up (and when she's on her back too apparently). Or how she lunges for her siblings to bite and claw at them (out of love of course). I've been meaning to mention for weeks that she's eating finger food really well. Prefers to feed herself to being spoon fed. We don't do a ton of baby food - compared to Sam and Julia at least. She loved bananas when I fed her at Julia's t-ball practice on the 22nd. Notable this week was Elsa's first successful bath in the big tub. It helped to have her big sister with her to help her stay calm.

I wish Julia could have been there when it was time to take Elsa's basket pictures today. Elsa was not a happy camper when I put her down in the basket. Since it only takes about 30 seconds to get a good shot usually I don't usually have to work very hard for her cooperation. Not the case today. So I snapped a quick dozen photos then had her sit up for the 'hat' version. Now she's a happy camper...and a patriotic one at that.

The visor has been around for a while. Four years to be exact. I posted photos of Julia when she wore it in 2008 at the parade.

Cloth diaper details: Econobum cover over a hemp prefold. Cheap yet very effective way to cloth diaper! I fold my prefolds in thirds since I use the newborn size and just lay them in the diaper cover. There isn't a flap on the Econobum since it's a scaled down version of the Flip but the prefold still stays in place well enough. I really like the flexibility of using prefolds in this way. Every single cover I have will work with my prefolds. This is important when I get to the bottom of my stash and might not have a specific cover left.

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