Friday, May 25, 2012

Elsa Louise at 46 weeks

My dear sweet baby girl you are getting more and more fun every week! Just when I think my heart is as full as it can be, you do something that makes it swell even more. My absolute favorite part of my day is watching you and your big brother and sister squeal and bounce to whatever music is on. You crawled for the first time on the 12th at Brianna and Caden's house. Daddy had the privilege of seeing that. Later in the week I was able to see you venture a few paces. It has been fun to watch your hair grown in so much more over the past few weeks. Those little tiny curls at the nape of your neck give me hope that you will have curls too. 

This was my first Mother's Day with you in my arms and boy did it feel great. You napped in lap during church and I soaked up every.single.second. Even though you can crawl you don't venture far from Mama. No rush on that sweetie, OK?  Your guardian angel was watching out for you on Sunday when one side of your baby swing fell from the tree. My heart sank when I walked out of the office and saw the swing all cock-eyed.  We are so grateful that you weren't hurt in the least since only one side came undone. We said goodbye to our puppy this week. You loved Conor and he was so patient to let you pull his hair. It was your way of showing affection I guess. :) Speaking of affection...this is what you do when you crawl over to Mama. Tug Tug Tug on my heart baby girl. It's what you do best!  Tooth number five popped through on the 16th. It's one of your top ones.

You are still getting up in the middle of night to nurse but I really don't mind as long as you go back to sleep right away. You prefer to lay your head on my shoulder versus laying in my arms. It's the only 'big girl' thing you do. Never forget I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be.


Cloth Diaper Details: The pink Flip cover strikes again. I've been really happy with the combo of a BabyKicks hemp prefold wrapped around a microfiber insert. Trim and SUPER absorbent!

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