Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elsa Louise at 44 Weeks

 Miss Elsa likes to do the scrunch face like her brother did when he was a baby. She's such a goofball with her expressions and squeals and flailing when she gets excited. Don't get me wrong, I love it all. What's not to love about a happy baby? She goes with the flow. She doesn't complain when I have to wake her one to two times a day to pick up siblings. She's a joy and despite having to hold 25 pounds on my hip, I love every ounce of her!

She can get to her belly from laying down now so we are moving closer to crawling. She's SO flexible and determined.... it won't be long now!

Food wise I offered grated raw zucchini on the 28th of April and pear chunks the next day. She gobbled them right up. You'd never know she didn't start finger foods or any solids for that matter until 9 months.

Cloth Diaper Details: The familiar Flip cover...What can I say, I love them!

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