Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elsa Louise at 43 weeks

Thanks to some garage sale finds I have a new stash of hats for Elsa. I'm still glad to have the photos without the hats though because her hair is changing every week. On April 24th she woke up with bedhead for the first time. It's really coming in now on the top and the longest stuff on the sides behind her ears has started to curl up. 
In other news...I still have to go into her room to move her head because she puts her nose straight down into the mattress. She helped us celebrate her Great Grandma's 92 birthday on April 22. She tried peas for the first time as finger food but wasn't impressed. On April 27th she spent the morning and early afternoon with Grandma so Mommy could garage sale. She did really well!

Time is slipping through my fingers faster than I can keep up! Her little personality is really starting to blossom and she's reaching up when I go to pick her up. She loves snuggling into Daddy's chest when he gets home from work. And scoots and pivots her legs/butt to get wherever her toys are in the living room.

Can you see the band aid on her toe? It's blue and it comes with a pretty cool story....
I set Elsa down at Julia's school while I helped her get her things ready for the day and when I picked Elsa up to leave I noticed blood on her shirt. She wasn't crying but I immediately started to panic and search her for the source. Turns out she put her big toe in the heat register under the hook for Julia's backpack. Blood starting pouring out so I rushed to the bathroom to put pressure on it with paper towel. Mrs. W got us a bandaid and I tried to figure out what I was going to do to make sure Elsa didn't pull it off while she was in the car seat.  That's when Mrs. W said she thought she could find a  a pair of baby socks that Elsa could wear so she didn't mess with her feet.

That's when I remembered that two years ago I had donated all of Sam's old socks to the preschool so they could use them for a laundry/counting activity. So yes, Mrs. W did have baby socks... She pulled a little pair out of storage and we went on our way...amazed at how God provided through a simple little donation of baby socks, years before.

Cool huh?

Cloth diaper details: Same old, same old....another Flip by Bum Genius.

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