Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elsa Louise at 42 weeks

Elsa had an 'off' week this week. She was awake a lot at night for long stretches & didn't want to nurse. I took her into the clinic to rule out an ear infection because I couldn't think of anything else that would cause such a sudden change. She did bite me for the first time the day before the sudden change, but all I did was gasp and scowl at her. Her ears were fine and she went back to her normal routine that night. Of course.

New this week:
4/15: Egg yoke. She ate it OK as part of her porridge but didn't want to pick it up and eat it by itself
4/20: grated raw apple. This was her first taste of fruit. She loved it.

Now that she's eating solids we've had more opportunity to practice sign language with her. She hasn't repeated any of the ones we're working on (more, nurse, eat, drink, bird, cat, all done, bath) but it's pretty obvious that she knows what I am saying some of the time - especially when I say and sign, "nurse".

She's still not crawling but she's able to support herself on her arms really well because of all the reaching and bending she does on a daily basis. She can get herself pretty much anywhere she wants.

Cloth Diaper Details: Thirsties Duo Cover size 2. My go-to overnight diaper.

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