Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elsa Louise at 41 weeks

I can always tell when another kid walks into the room that Elsa is in because of the squeals that start immediately - especially if that kid is her big brother Sam. She's not nearly as concerned about me leaving the room anymore which is nice. Instead of being concerned about other people she seeks out their attention now. She still prefers to be held by someone she knows well but she adores interacting with other children.

This is the beginning of her squeal. Her lips start to turn upwards, she's about to start flapping her arms and legs, and then she'll break into a full grin like the second photo. 
The best part about these big grins is that her teeth are starting to show when she smiles. (Still only four teeth)
New this week:
4/8: tried purred carrots. Not a fan.
4/8: tried puffed brown rice cereal. Loved it.
4/8: drank from a Doidy cup. Did really well considering she's only nine months old.We put about a tablespoon of water in at a time and she is able to drink it herself. Why use a Doidy cup instead of a sippy cup? First let me say that I used sippy cups with Sam and Julia.  I want her to take a drink because she's thirsty, not because she wants to suck on something.

4/11: tried Millet Super Porridge and sweet potato puree and loved it.
4/12: liked millet super porridge (added black beans this time) with carrots but not as much as the sweet potato
4/12: small pieces of broccoli. Not a fan.

Cloth Diaper Details:  Elsa is wearing a Flip Cover by Cotton Babies. I've been using Baby Kicks newborn hemp/cotton prefold wrapped around a microfiber insert for great absorbancy without a whole lot of added bulk. The Flip cover has flaps in the front and back to hold the insert in place. Now that we are feeding Elsa solids I have started using 1/2 sheet of disposable liner for easier clean up.


  1. That cup is GENIUS. Wish I had it with my three. She's such a sweetie! :-)

  2. Going to have to check out that cup. I LOVE anything made by BabyKicks :o)


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