Sunday, April 22, 2012

The View From Here Vol. 8

This was by far the busiest week we've had in a while. Thankfully they aren't all like this! In an effort to remember what it was like when my hands were so full I post photos from my perspective once a week. Feel free to do a post of your own and leave your link in the comments!

Monday: Dentist for Sam. Learned he will most likely need teeth pulled and eventually braces. Fun times. But what a brave boy he was!

ECFE in the morning then Dress Rehearsal for Dance.Recital. Julia smiled the whole time and didn't look nervous one bit. Elsa slept terribly and didn't want to nurse. Very strange.

Wednesday: Awanas and another terrible night sleep for Elsa.

Thursday: Julia's LAST day of Speech Therapy. She's come a long way thanks to Miss Emma!

I was able to get a quick appointment at the clinic to rule out an ear infection - all clear. Still don't know what Elsa's deal was??? We hit a garage sale while we were out and about and picked up a Crafty Strawberry Shortcake book which inspired this treat after dinner. Yum!

We also went to the dermatologist, had lunch with my sister and niece, and grocery shopped before coming home. After strawberry shortcake PapaBear took Sam and Julia to soccer practice.

Friday was actually sunny for a change so after we welcomed Jo and Howard back to the campground we went up for our first time playing tennis this year. But we had to cut it short because Julia's dance recital was that night.

Elsa and I went to the Friday show and learned lots of things that we needed to know to make the Saturday show easier to navigate when the rest of our family attended.

Elsa slept GREAT Saturday night - 9-4 without waking once and then went back to sleep after eating until 7!

Saturday morning we had an away soccer game (Sam scored another five goals!) and then we had to get home to get ready for company and Julia's second recital.  This is what we saw after the 2 1/2 hour performance: She was beaming from ear to ear!

Next up was Grandpa's birthday dinner at our house. PapaBear grilled, we ate cheesecake, opened presents and looked at old photos. 

Sunday: Sunday school, Church, lunch in the car, and then a birthday party for my Grandma who turned 92 today. Instead of thinking ahead to bring my camera and stopping at the Arboretum on our way home, I decided that it was worth the extra miles to go home and get it so we could return to our favorite spot to take photos under the crab apple trees.

Sam was NOT happy about it, but once we got there he actually said "This is SO fun!" I took a fraction of the pictures I normally do because they were so cooperative and we got nice ones very quickly. They loved picking up the blossoms from the ground, climbing trees, and smiling for the camera. I had to make them leave instead of them begging to be done.

Sam gave Elsa her first flower. He really is the sweetest brother!

My final view before we hopped in the warm car to get ice cream at Dairy Queen:

What was the view where you were this past week?

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