Saturday, April 7, 2012

The View From Here - Vol. 6

This week I surprised Julia with a 1/2 birthday party. She had been asking for a surprise party which isn't really feasible at this age so I kept mum about her upcoming half birthday and surprised her with half doughnuts for breakfast. She was thrilled (even if she wasn't quite awake yet).

Tuesday also marked Elsa's 9 month well baby visit which meant it was time for her to start solids. I baked a yam before we left for her appointment. (I've used the Super Baby Food book for my other two kids but am on the look out for another option as I don't like the fact that she promotes the use of soy. Do I throw out all of her ideas because I don't agree with one aspect? I do have a book called Super Immunity that I will refer to as well.

Weight check: 24 pounds, 10 ounces of pure love.

Still 24 pounds 10 ounces since her first experience with solids didn't go over very well. (Unless you count the huge mess she made.)

Calm winds (rare!!!) and sunshine meant it was time to go frog hunting! See how thrilled Elsa was?

She much preferred hanging with her cousin, Rosie.

Lastly, the view I have when I run up to turn Elsa's head during naps. The girl apparently doesn't like fresh air.

I did take lots of pictures of Sam too - but apparently not with my camera phone (which is what I use for most of these posts) If I hadn't been busy chatting with another mom I would have taken a photo of Sam at his first soccer practice of the season. This is his last season without goalies and his last one that is co-ed. Hopefully it won't be 40 and rainy all Spring like last year!

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