Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

From our family to yours!

 We had a lovely Easter this year. The kids woke us at 7:00 so we could come downstairs and find their Easter baskets. Sam and Julia were both excited about their gifts - Castle set w/ knights in the plastic eggs for Sam and a Hello Kitty Lego set in the eggs for Julia along with a matching pj set for her and a doll.  Elsa got her first cup and a stuffed ducky. (She had her first glass of water today and seemed to really enjoy it.)

We had to be at church by 9:00 to take advantage of the breakfast the youth group serves on Easter Sunday. That was a stretch with all I needed to pack for our day at Grandma and Grandpas, workouts, baths, etc... but we made it and had plenty of time to change into their Easter outfits before rehearsal for the Sunday school program at 10:00 church. Church was short so Elsa only got a 30 minute nap but I soak up every second of my snuggle time with her during the services.

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I needed to assemble these
 And make sure we got a family photo before the kids got their clothes dirty.  We managed to accomplish both tasks before the rest of the family arrived. Score!

Patty brought her famous rolls. Yum!

This was our view from the garage much of the afternoon: It was 63 degrees out but windy. Elsa snuggled with me and took another nap. 

Apparently it's really hard work to look this cute!

The swing always provides a nice photo opp!

It's not a family function without a group shot of the cousins! Technically they are second and third cousins but regardless they are FAMILY and we love them all!!!!

Hope you all had a nice Easter as well!!!


  1. It was a great Easter. Church first and then lots of company. Our group is getting bigger all the time. There were 30 of us yesterday as 3 people could not make it. Everyone brought such great food. The only oops for the day is the veggie tray that Sharon brought was put in the frig when she came and I didn't notice it until after everyone left. It was a great day with good food and very good company! love ya

  2. Happy Easter to you too! Your kids look great :o)


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