Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elsa Louise at 38 Weeks

Notable this week:

* 3/17 Started to wave - I think. A baby wave is very similar to the sign for "milk" which we use as the sign for "nurse". Either way, it's something new...

* Has an easier time rolling front to back and back to front now and does it without any encouragement.

* Loves to blow raspberries. See?

* 3/22 3rd tooth! (top middle)

* separation anxiety at it's peak. I cannot walk away from her for a second without her crying like crazy. I naively thought it would be hard to tell when this stage hit since she's very very attached to me, but I was wrong. Sure, she doesn't like to go to other people besides Daddy but if I'm not in her sight. Her world crumbles. She even cries when I have her on the changing table and I need to bend down to put a diaper in the wash bag. I'm out of her line of sight for five seconds and the tears start.

We're back to taking photos in the grass - I don't think it was this green ever when I started taking these weekly photos. Now it's so green that they will need to start mowing soon. The docks were already put in on the lakes - in March! The ice went out over night on the 16/17th so Spring has definitely sprung in BearCountry.

I think Elsa is excited about that!

Diaper Details: Elsa is wearing a TotsBots Bamboozle size two fitted cloth diaper. I received one of these diapers as a free gift when I purchased my stash for Julia five years ago. They are pricey but are such fabulous diapers that I started watching Craigslist for used ones so I could have more for Elsa. I was able to score another recently for only $7! They are super soft and incredibly absorbent. It's because of how well this diaper works that I began watching for other bamboo diapers.

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