Friday, March 9, 2012

The View From Here - Vol. 3

Another week has passed already and thanks to this photo-dump style post I've been able to record some every day moments that would otherwise be a vapor in my memory. It's only been three weeks but already I feel so good about writing more here and posting photos for our family blog book series. Don't be intimidated by the number of photos I'm posting - jump in and post ONE photo- even one view from your shoes will be a slice of time in your life that you can't get back.

Moving on to some views I had this past week...

Saturday night PapaBear and I had the opportunity to leave the kids home with my mom and go out to a local bar to celebrate my BIL's 40th. This is what I found when I got home. Julia in a basket. In the closet. This is nothing new as I have a whole series of photos of her unique sleeping habits.

Sunday after the kids sang at the early church service we enjoyed a quiet day at home with my mom. Sam wanted to join in the Quiddler fun and did really well. He's competitive and did his best to make words. I can see us playing this game a lot with him.

While we played cards Julia got ready for our upcoming vacation. Think she's excited?

Friday I had ran to Roseville to purchase an Ergo off of Craigslist. At $45 it was a steal! Elsa loved it and my back didn't hurt a bit. I was able to pay bills Monday night and tidy up while she chewed on her fingers. It was SO nice to get some chores done and still have her close by and content.

Earlier in the day (and most days) this is where Elsa plays. She has a basket of toys that I rotate and she plays happily here as long as she doesn't remember that she misses me Whenever I can, I sit down and sing and play with her. She loves the attention!

While she took a nap Monday afternoon I went outside to sled with Sam and Julia. It was windy but the sledding conditions were perfect. Sam even pulled me up the hill!

When we came they played with snow in the comfort of our dining room. Has it really been this long since we did that?

Tuesday is a busy day for us with ECFE and library story time so by the afternoon Elsa is ready to take a long snooze in her own bed.  This is how I found her when I went in to check on her:  She's officially given up the swaddle and insists on sleeping on her belly. She doesn't like to roll - except when it's time to sleep. It's the strangest thing. When she wakes up she's MAD because she can't roll over to her back. Fun times, but we're taking it one day at a time and praying a LOT because I find her way too often with her face buried in the mattress. Hands down the best baby gear item has been our video monitor. No question. Pardon the silly get up - she wore a tunic dress to ECFE but by naptime I wanted more than tights on her legs so I put her wool longies on instead.

Wednesday found me sitting in the corner chair watching Julia get her teeth cleaned. She didn't like the bright light but other than that she was SO brave. They didn't pull the loose tooth in front of the permanent tooth, she didn't have any cavities, and we going to have sealant put on her ADULT molars that have already come in. Crazy.

Thursday was the first time I can remember that I didn't have the diaper bag properly stocked. I went to change Elsa while Julia was in her speech appointment and only had one more clean diaper. Oops.  Good thing she didn't need a change until we got home later that day! We got some great finds at all the thrift stores we hit around the metro.

All that shopping made for a really hungry little girl so we had a little lunch break in the front seat of the van. Such a beautiful sunny day and the perfect view of another source of sunshine in my life!

It wasn't as dramatic as this discovery, but I did find Elsa's first curl Thursday night during her bath in our kitchen sink.

After everyone was in bed this was how I spent my night...editing editing editing. (and watching 8 episodes of NCIS)

Needless to say I was really tired this morning which was a bummer because it was parent visit day at Sam's school. They served coffee though and it was so much fun to watch Sam in action that I managed to stay alert.

 Another week...another View From Here...

Now it's your turn:

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