Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elsa Louise at 37 Weeks

Elsa's first winter can hardly be called Winter considering how mild it's been. Many years we still have lots of snow in the middle of March but this year it's been in the 70's already!Now that it's warmer we have stopped using the infant car seat. Elsa's first day in her Evenflo Triumph was Monday the 12th. She loves her baby Lazy Boy as I like to refer to the Triumph. On Wednesday the 14th I was able to put a bow in her hair that actually stayed put. I promptly took 20 pictures (none of which are uploaded to my computer yet).  I love how this photo captures her constant chatter and that she's always always grabbing her feet.

After a short break from taking basket photos outdoors we were able to return to our porch for our Friday Photo Shoot. I found this green hat on clearance and decided to make it work in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 

That was until I came across this hat via Etsy. 
Caren Watson of Always Autumn was kind enough to give Elsa a hat for St. Patrick's Day. It is so soft and beautifully made. The detail of shimmer in the hat is perfect for St. Patrick's Day and the ruffle of the brim is what made me fall in love with this particular hat over all the other options on Etsy.  
Watch Caren's shop for more photos of Elsa in her new hat in the weeks to come!

*Cloth Diaper Details: In the first photos Elsa is wearing the Bum Genius AIO that I've used in other basket photos. The bottom photo is a Kissaluvs Fitted (size 2). Julia wore these diapers as did Sam for a little while. This diaper needs a cover but it works for quick photo shoots. It's my go to diaper for overnights. The elastic wore out a while ago but that doesn't really matter because the cover keeps everything contained. If I had air dried them the first time around I'm sure the elastic would have held up better.


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