Friday, March 2, 2012

Elsa Louise at 35 Weeks

Elsa turned 8 months old yesterday and 35 weeks today. Since today happens to also be Dr. Seuss birthday I took a couple of minutes and pieced together a hat in his honor. Pieced being the key word since it it's really just felt wrapped around an existing winter hat and white felt laid on top. I hand stitched a brim to give it some dimension but I didn't even have enough felt to go all the way around. Oh get the idea....

Moving on to Elsa's 35 week update....
I mentioned in her 34 week update that she likes to make lots of noises and this week she's added 'singing' to her sounds. She quietly sings "ha ha ha" with the same tones every time. It's the first sounds she's ever repeated back to me when I make them. This all started on Sunday the 26th as well as bouncing to music. Gotta love a dancing baby! :) We continue to work on transitioning out of the swaddle but are stuck with what to do about the fact that she likes to sleep on her side now but gets herself to her tummy and can't flip back over. I would be a wreck if it weren't for the video monitor that allows me to watch her like a hawk. On more than one occasion I've had to dash upstairs because she's turned her head straight down into the mattress.

We haven't started solid foods yet so she hasn't had an opportunity to practice picking up small objects. I go out of my way to make sure she doesn't have small objects near her and it dawned on me that she's missing out on practicing her pincer grasp! oops! So I sat down with her a few days ago to see how she would respond to something the size of a cheerio in front of her. She reached right for it and picked it up with her forefinger and her thumb. Good girl!

Miss Elsa you are a ray of sunshine in our lives! The past eight months have been so fun watching you grow and bond with your siblings! You practically attack Sam when he greets you after school. Julia watches out for you and is so excited to share a room with you some day. Sorry, she's claimed the top bunk sweet pea.  You have let up on pinching Mama and I am so grateful! Instead you rub your hand across my skin so gently. I will never forget how smooth and warm it feels when you do that. You are discovering new things every day and I can tell that you are starting to remember things you are familiar with. For example - bath time. If I get the sink ready for you but walk away to get you undressed at the changing table you cry because you want to get in the water.right.away.  

As the artwork in your nursery says - you are my I love you!!!

Happy 8 month birthday baby girl!


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