Friday, March 2, 2012

Elsa Louise at 34 Weeks

Any time Elsa is on her back she's grabbing for her feet. It was during this mini session that she popped one of them in her mouth for the first time. I was adjusting the settings on my camera and heard a sucking sound. I looked up and saw this:

I keep trying to stop using the swaddle but it's been a slow transition. She falls asleep so well when she's wrapped up tight but she is too big and too strong to stay wrapped up. On the 21st of February we started with the swaddle at 7pm and she slept until 2:30. I didn't bother to swaddle her after I fed her and she stayed asleep until 6:00. We're taking it day at a time. I don't know how many times I've written on the calendar that we've stopped swaddling her only to start up again.

She's always been pretty vocal and when you sit down to read to her it's almost impossible because she's so loud. She loves books and will flap her arms and make tons of noise. She does this gurgling in her throat that the other two never did. She thinks she's hot stuff. Good thing it's cute to think that at this age. :)

The last baby in the basket shot of her seventh month. Sniff Sniff.:

Cloth Diaper info: Elsa is wearing a medium Bum Genius AIO. The same diaper she wore in her very first basket photos. I bought a couple of these as seconds for $10 each. They are really trim and are my go to diaper for special occasions when I don't want to worry about any leaks. They are also the ones I save for when someone else is going to change her. She's only been watched by someone else once but I'm still glad I have them on hand. They won't fit her much longer so I've got them listed for sale on Craigslist so I can buy bigger ones. 

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