Friday, March 2, 2012

Elsa Louise at 33 Weeks

We have a tooth! Elsa's first tooth popped through on the 16th of February. That's when I noticed at least. I don't make it a habit to stick my fingers in her mouth all that often so it could have been there for a few days but I put the 16th on the calendar. Ironically, the next day Julia discovered another wiggly tooth. Teeth are coming and going around here! The other thing I noted on the calendar about Elsa's 33rd week is that she's become rather attached to her paci. She doesn't NEED to have it all the time, but if you try to pull it out of her mouth she doesn't release her lips. She holds on tight! This means she's not dropping it all the time like she used to. She has a preference for the larger MAM size now. Did you know they make glow in the dark ones? Genius. They hold a 'charge' for a long time - many hours - saves me at least a couple trips into her room since she's very good at finding it and popping it back in when she loses it.

* Cloth Diaper info: She's wearing a Pampered Bunz AIO. The woman I bought two wool soakers from gave it to me for free. It's seen better days but it's a cute pattern and didn't leak when she wore it for a two hour nap. That has to count for something right?

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